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Drag & Drop Interactive Grid rows

Here's an example that lets you drag and drop the rows of an interactive grid to arrange the records the way you want. A table used in an interactive grid must have a column that stores the sort order. If your table doesn't already have a column that can be used for this, edit the table and add a new column.

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Export APEX workspace and schema in Oracle cloud

You can create APEX workspaces, applications and schemas exports from database using PL/SQL. This might be useful e.g. if you working on Oracle cloud always free autonomous databases. In this example we use always free autonomous database workload type APEX and store exports to object storage bucket in the Oracle cloud. You can setup object versioning and lifecycle policy rules e.g. to move old versions to infrequent access or archive storage and delete old versions after some period. You can also create database job to schedule exports.

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