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Collapse Interactive Report Control Break

The interactive grid has a feature that collapse and expands the control break. This feature is missing from interactive reports, but it's relatively easy to add the same feature with dynamic action and JavaScript.

First create interactive report and then add dynamic action

  • Event: After Refresh
  • Selection Type: Region
  • Region: {select your interactive report region}
  • Action: Execute JavaScript Code
  • Fire on Initialization: On
  • Code:
var lButton   = apex.util.htmlBuilder(),
    /* Get messages for button title. Reusing IG messages */
  , lCollapse = apex.lang.getMessage( "APEX.GV.BREAK_COLLAPSE" )
  , lExpand   = apex.lang.getMessage( "APEX.GV.BREAK_EXPAND" )
    /* Button icon classes for collapse and expand */
  , lBtnIcons = ["fa-chevron-down", "fa-chevron-right"]
    /* Control break jQuery selector */
  , lCtrBreak = "th.a-IRR-header--group"
/* Prepare button HTML */ lButton.markup( "<button" )   .attr( "type", "button" )   .attr( "aria-expanded", "true" )   .attr( "title", lCollapse )   .attr( "aria-label", lCollapse )   .attr( "class", "t-Button t-Button--noLabel t-Button--icon t-Button--small t-Button--gapRight" )   .markup( "><span" )   .attr( "aria-hidden", "true" )   .attr( "class", "t-Icon fa " + lBtnIcons[0] )   .markup( "></span></button>" ) ;
/* Set click event to button */ var button$ = $( lButton.toString() ).click( function(){   var this$   = $( this ),       lTitle  = this$.attr( "title" ) == lCollapse ? lExpand : lCollapse   ;   this$.attr({     "title": lTitle,     "aria-label": lTitle,     "aria-expanded": lTitle == lCollapse ? "true" : "false"   })     .children().toggleClass( lBtnIcons ).end()     .closest( "tr" ).nextUntil( ":has(" + lCtrBreak + ")" ).toggle()   ; });
/* Attach button to IR control break rows */ $( this.triggeringElement ).find( lCtrBreak ).prepend( button$ );

Run the page and add a control break from the interactive report action menu.

See working example


  • Sebastian 09-NOV-22 AM

    Thanks so much for the extended code! Works perfectly.
    You're fire!

  • Jari Laine 07-NOV-22 PM

    Hi Sebastian,
    Thank you. You could change last line of code to:

    $( this.triggeringElement ).find( ".a-IRR-header--group" ).prepend( button$ )
    .closest( "tr" ).nextUntil( ":has(.a-IRR-header--group)" ).toggle();
  • Sebastian 07-NOV-22 PM

    Great work Jari. Thanks for sharing.
    Just wonder how I can load the groups minimized respectively collapsed?
    Do you have a hint for me?
    Thanks and best regards,