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New version of htmldbQuery jQuery plugins sample application for Oracle Application Express 3.2

Even APEX 3.2 is old version now, I have fixed few bugs from htmldbQuery jQuery plugin. Sample application has been updated to use latest jQuery and includes few more samples how to use htmldbQuery plugin.

In sample application page 23 you can find new sample for cascading LOV in tabular form. I have used not so well known APEX_UTIL functions SAVEKEY_VC2 and KEYVAL_VC2.

Check that out, it might help you also when working in newer version of APEX.

Download sample application


  • mjfigur 28-JUL-11 PM
    Thank you so much. Will work on writing another function to enable both.
  • Jari Laine 28-JUL-11 PM


    What I did check, you need write own function for cascading combobox plugin.


  • mjfigur 28-JUL-11 PM
    thank you this works great when tried against page 22. Would it work as well with page 20 and the refreshemp function?
  • Jari Laine 28-JUL-11 AM


    What I quickly test, below should work. 

      parentSession :true,
      nullShow      :true,
      nullDisplay   :"- Select -",
      nullValue     :"0"

    Of course it is better modify plugin and have e.g. own function for this purpose.


  • mjfigur 28-JUL-11 AM
    Jari, Thank you for all of your work on this sample application. I was wondering if it is possible to combine the combobox with the cascading select lists? I currently have the cascading select lists working well but just cannot figure out how to make them a combobox and cascade at the same time. Thanks in advance Matt