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Floating developer Toolbar in the bottom of page for APEX 3.x

I created Greasemonkey script that makes APEX Developer Toolbar float bottom of page for APEX 3.x.

Download script from here.


  • Jari Laine 6 Dec 2013

    Hi Jimmy,

    When you use Firefox and install Greasemonkey and then import this script, APEX 3.2 developer toolbar will float bottom of page.
    It will help a bit development, if you have long pages.

    jQuery is not included to APEX 3.2.
    If you like use jQuery, you need add library to e.g. page template header.


  • Jimmy David 6 Dec 2013

    How do I incuded in my apex and how this will help me?

    Also could you please help me, I am new player, I have apex 3.2, how do I varify that I have jquery installed