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Thursday, April 8, 2021

C-ICAP and ClamAV for ORDS

Oracle Database

Oracle REST Data Service (ORDS) has feature to scan uploaded files for viruses. You can install e.g. C-ICAP and ClamAV for that purpose. Here are steps how to do that on Ubuntu 18.04 server assuming you have already working ORDS installation on same or different server.

First install needed packages and dependencies.

sudo apt install libc-icap-mod-virus-scan libclamunrar9

After packages are installed, edit file /etc/default/c-icap to allow C-ICAP start

sudo sed -i 's/START=no/START=yes/g' /etc/default/c-icap

Edit file /etc/c-icap/c-icap.conf and add below lines to end of file

Include virus_scan.conf
Include clamav_mod.conf
virus_scan.DefaultEngine clamav
ServiceAlias AVSCAN virus_scan?allow204=on&sizelimit=off&mode=simple

Restart C-ICAP server

sudo systemctl restart c-icap

Next edit ORD configuration file default.xml and add below lines to it before closing properties tag

<entry key="icap.port">1344</entry>
<entry key="icap.server"></entry>

Change key icap.server value to point server where you did install C-ICAP if ORDS is running on different server.

After you have modify ORDS configuration, restart ORDS standalone or web server where ORDS is deployed.

With your own risk, you can try virus scanner with test files from Please read instructions, before downloading test files.



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