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Blog upgrade

We have upgraded our blog to use latest APEX 4 features. There are several enhancements that are not visible for blog readers but makes future development much easier.

For blog readers we did introduce AJAX pagination (check bottom of home page) and new theme. Also pages should load faster because program enhancements.

I hope all these enhancements give better experience to all our blog readers.


  • Jari Laine 12 Mar 2013

    Hi puttable,

    Thank you.

    Yes, I have plan that. But it might take some time.

    Regards, Jari

  • puttable 12 Mar 2013
    Looks great! Curious are you going to post new version on SourceForge?
  • Bhavin 13 Feb 2013
    Hi, Fantastic job...! Looks GOOD! Kind Regards, Bhavin
  • Jari Laine 13 Feb 2013

    Hi Tobias,

    Thank you.

    Regards, Jari

  • Tobias 13 Feb 2013
    Good job. The new theme looks great. I never said it before but I love your examples. Cheers Tobias