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New version of "Paste Excel data" sample application

I have previously blog about Paste Excel data to database and Editable Interactive Report.

In new sample application I have combined both features and fixed some bugs. End users can update uploaded data, delete rows and add more rows.

Using this sample you can easily build functionality where end users paste data, edit it and then store data to table.

Application is only available for APEX 3.2, but you can customize it also for APEX 4.

Download sample application.

See working example.


  • susf 6 Aug 2012

    Hi Jari,

    Real thanks for the help hope it works in apex 4..I am actually working on apex..4.. Thanks again..

  • Jari Laine 5 Aug 2012

    Hi Susan,

    I did publish updated version. Please see article "Paste Excel Data" sample application updated for APEX 4.1.1


  • Jari Laine 1 Aug 2012

    Hi Susan,

    Example JavaScript do not work anymore in APEX 4.1.1. Originally example is for APEX 3.2 and there is few "hacks" to mimic APEX 4.x dynamic actions.

    To get example working on APEX 4.1.1 you should convert example use dynamic actions. Also you can remove extra JavaScript libraries.

    I did have plan rewrite example when APEX 4.2 is out.

    Regards, Jari

  • susf 1 Aug 2012
    Hi Jari, How can i customize the code.. for apex 4.. Do i need to do something additonal.. Was able to run paste_excel_data_apex4 in apex 4.. But this one is more better but it runs only in apex 3..can you guide what we need to do to make it run in apex 4. Thanks Susan
  • Jari Laine 5 Aug 2011

    Hi Isma,

    You can customize code freely. I do not provide code or instructions for APEX 4.x.


  • Isma 5 Aug 2011
    Hi Jari, Nice job but how can i customize to apex 4 ? Regards, Isma
  • Jari Laine 25 May 2011

    Hi Stew,

    I have already prototype where I can sort rows. Report is real interactive report.

    By "Save existing file" you mean save pasted data?


  • Stew 24 May 2011
    Jari, Thanks for the note, though ordering isn't really important to me. I guess that means you built an Interactive Reports look-alike instead of using the real thing? Nice job! The next feature I'd want would be the ability to save to an existing file, which I couldn't find in the existing demo. Thanks again, Stew
  • Jari Laine 24 May 2011

    Hi Stew,

    Thank you. Hopefully I can add row ordering also to next version. Lets see...


  • Stew 23 May 2011
    This seems to work nicely. Great job enabling editing of the fields.